Thousand Story Studio

A New Look


This blog has seen several iterations over the past eight or so years.

I appreciate those who’ve followed along – and those who’re just now finding Thousand Story Studio.

Here’s a short recap:

Building Content was launched almost a decade ago as blog to help Architects promote their work. I found myself unemployed in the great recession. Things were bleak for me and many of my fellow Architects. I was looking for answers, for a way out for the profession as a whole.

At that time I began to see blogging and social media as inexpensive and simple marketing tools. “Architecture Holds a Thousand Stories” was my tagline and mini-manifesto. It became a rallying cry. It had long bothered me that our profession was a closed book to society at large – it seemed that no one knew what we really did. The initial purpose of Building Content was for me to learn – and then to teach others – how to tell our architectural stories through blogging. I picked up a few awards along the way and made some life-long connections among my peers.

On New Years Day of 2011 I started Tweeting these ideas as @BuildingContent.


In spring of 2013 (after moving out of state for a job with a firm that eventually went out of business) I launched a company of my own. Following a good deal of market research and SWOT analyses I adapted my blog tagline into my firm name: Thousand Story Studio.

I secured the domain name and relaunched the Building Content blog as my design firm website. I primarily posted about my projects, but behind the scene I continued to explore the relationship of Architecture in the media. I became fascinated with the idea of stories of Architects and Architecture finding their way into the culture. Online and off , I began networking with filmmakers, media professionals, and writers of all fields.


Due to a terrific career offer from an establish engineering firm, I relocated back to Charlotte. I had no need for my company website, but I continued to use Thousand Story Studio for occasional blog posts (primarily for the Architalks blog series).

Now Thousand Story Studio has a new purpose – as my new author platform. I have been developing my fiction writing over most of the years I’ve spent blogging. I intend to be one of those who tell the thousand untold stories of Architecture in the form of short stories and novels.


I will post more here soon. In addition to featuring some of my own writing, I will be reviewing books about architecture and interviewing authors.